About the Festival

Attention all whisky enthusiasts in Calgary and beyond! We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Whisky Calgary Event, featuring an incredible lineup of master classes that will take your love for whisky to new heights.

Immerse yourself in a tasting adventure, sampling a wide selection of fine whiskies from renowned distilleries, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and diversity of flavors.

Upgrade your experience with our VIP package, which includes exclusive private VIP Tutored Whisky tastings, and meet-and-greets with industry experts and early access and entry to the Grand Tasting Hall. Elevate your whisky journey and make unforgettable memories like never before!

Tickets for the Whisky Calgary VIP Event are limited, ensuring an intimate setting and personalized experience for attendees.

Aside from the VIP and main event, the Whisky Calgary Event will offer an array of Master Classes with exciting highlights that will enrich your whisky experience and create unforgettable memories.

These classes will delve into fascinating topics, providing you with in-depth knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the world of whisky. Some of the anticipated master classes include:

Topics Covered:

  • Whisky Origins and History: Explore the rich heritage and origins of whisky, tracing its roots from its early traditions to the present-day industry.
  • Whisky Tasting Techniques: Enhance your tasting skills as you learn the art of identifying flavors, aromas, and the nuances that make each whisky unique.
  • Whisky Pairing and Cocktails: Discover the art of pairing whisky with food and learn how to create exquisite whisky-based cocktails that will impress your guests.
  • Whisky Collecting and Investment: Delve into the world of whisky collecting, exploring the market trends, identifying valuable bottles, and understanding the art of whisky investment.

For more information, updates, and inquiries, keep an eye on this site, our social media or contact our dedicated event team. Get ready to elevate your whisky journey at the Whisky Calgary Event!

Raise your glasses and join us for an unparalleled whisky experience at the Whisky Calgary Event VIP experience and our Master Classes!


Your Whisky Calgary Experience 2023:

We want your Whisky Calgary Festival experience to be a memorable one.

First on the calendar, Friday, Nov. 10, is the Unique Executive Experience; Then followed by our Masterclass Series, being held at the Hotel Arts, mid-afternoon, Saturday, Nov. 11th,  

Then on Saturday, Nov. 11th, Whisky Calgary presents the VIP Exclusive Experience, followed by the Grand Tasting Hall, Whisky Calgary's main event. Your ticket to the Grand Tasting Hall gets you a commemorative Glencairn nosing glass, as well as all whisky samples and some light snacks. Please have dinner before your evening starts, and plan your return home!


Masterclass Series

Whisky Calgary has expanded our Masterclass programming again with more Masterclasses that are open to the general public and Whisky Calgary ticket holders at the Hotel Arts on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 11th. The Masterclass information is updated,  


VIP Exclusive Experience

When you purchase a VIP Exclusive Experience, your ticket has a private VIP Tutored Whisky Tasting and entry to the Grand Tasting Hall on Saturday, Nov. 11. You do not have to register for your private VIP Tutored Whisky Tasting in the Hotel Arts. Following your private tasting, your VIP ticket gets you on the sampling floor at 6:00 PM. one hour before the GA ticket holders.


Grand Tasting Hall

2023 Whisky Calgary, Nov. 11, will again bring together more whiskies under one roof than seen before in Calgary! Your ticket is all-inclusive of your whisky samples, as well as light snacks created by the Chefs at Hotel Arts. This fantastic 1st edition event has a “smart casual” dress code and will be located at Hotel Arts.


Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 

This is a “smart casual” dress code event.

Please have dinner before the event. we only serve light snacks 

 Would you like a private event or can't make it?  Ask us about hosting a private version of this event for business or pleasure.  Send me an email Philip@kcevents.ca

Thank you for your support of Whisky Calgary's annual fundraiser for Knowledgeable Consumption

Calgary's Premiere Whisky & Spirits Festival - A Not-for-Profit Organization, WhiskyCanada.Events

When and Where

Unique Executive Experience
Masterclass with Scott MacDonald
Friday November 10th, 2023
Venue: TBD
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Masterclass Series
Saturday November 11th, 2023
Times: TBD
Venue: Hotel Arts, Calgary AB
Tickets on sale Now

VIP Exclusive Experience
Saturday November 11th, 2023
at 5:00pm
with Scott MacDonald
Venue: Hotel Arts, Calgary AB
Tickets on sale Now

Grand Tasting Hall
(main event)
Saturday November 11th, 2023
at 7:00pm
Venue: Hotel Arts, Calgary AB
Tickets on sale Now

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